Fire Ants

To Have a Perfect Lawn,
Stop Fire Ants from Invading

For sure, mosquitoes aren’t the only pests that top the list for most of us in central Texas.  Red and black imported fire ants are invasive species and their painful bites have the potential to:

  • Injure or kill livestock
  • Wildlife
  • Dog & cats
  • And humans

Their mounds can damage mowers and infest buildings, as well as cause damage to electrical wiring by chewing on wire insulation.

Controlling Fire Ants

Most people try to control fire ants by treating their individual mounds which can add up quickly, in cost and time, and is a more reactive than proactive method of controlling them. Plus, this type of treatment is unlikely to eliminate the entire colony and will more likely cause them to relocate.

To be effective, the mound treatment must eliminate the queen(s). Otherwise, the colony will survive, as they live deep within the ground which makes it easy for them to escape mound treatments.

Dr. Tex Lawn & Pest offers a two-step methodology to help eradicate fire ant colonies and protect your entire property. 

1. Knock-down treatment – each mound is treated for immediate elimination of active colonies.

2. Perimeter treatment – once the active mounds are eliminated, we treat the entire property to prevent migrating colonies from entering, which significantly helps with population reduction for up to 1-year.   

Should a mound surface within 1-year of initial treatment, you need not worry. Give Dr. Tex a call and we will come and retreat at no additional charge. It’s part of our 100% customer satisfaction!

Call now or click the button below and check the box “Fire Ant Control” and we’ll be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for service.