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Austin Lawn care service

Dr. Tex Lawn & Pest professionals provide residential and commercial lawn care services for any size lawn and any size budget. Whatever you select, you can count on receiving the very best service from well-educated, caring professionals who use the very best products available.

Our Showcase Program
8 Lawn Treatments
Ideal For All Central Texas Lawns
  • Lawn Care Every 4-6 Weeks
  • Pre-emergent Weed Control
  • Post-emergent Weed Control
  • 8 Fertilizer Applications
  • Includes Humus Soil Benefit
  • Liquid Pre-emergent Weed Control
  • Liquid Post-emergent Weed Control
  • Optional Spring Aeration Service
  • Optional Top Dressing Service

Our 8-step program uses varying types of pre-emergent weed treatments to target most weeds, including crabgrass, and broad leaf weed control in particular. These weed control products are applied with our treatments from early February through March and then May through December.

Optional Services Estimate & Information Request

In addition to our Showcase Lawn Care Program of Weed Control and Fertilization, Dr. Tex offers many valuable services to benefit your lawn and landscape. These services can be provided on an as-needed basis or as part of a regular annual program to solve specific problems or improve turf health. We can also help you maintain the health of your ornamentals and help keep pests (such as fire ants and mosquitoes) from invading your property!

For your convenience, service continues from year to year.
For a change in service, please call our office at: 512-717-5071.
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You deserve to have a lawn you love and can be proud of. At Dr. Tex, we love what we do and it shows in the quality of the service we provide and the results you’ll see from us. Our experienced team of lawn care professionals is committed to providing the best possible lawn care services in the Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Manor, Cedar Park, and Leander areas at competitive prices. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our services. In fact, it’s our promise to you.