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Absolutely not! We don’t believe in constrictive, one-year contracts or other agreements that make customers feel trapped or uncomfortable. Dr. Tex is a continuous lawn service, which means we will return to your property every year until you tell us to stop! You can skip treatments or even stop all service with just a simple phone call.

Dr. Tex Lawn & Pest provides flexible services that work around your schedule. We can send you an email or leave an invoice and watering instructions at your door once the job is finished, and you can review everything once you return home. When you set up your account, you can provide us with any necessary details, such as gate codes, keys, guard dogs, or any other important information we should be aware of.

If it doesn’t rain within several days of your treatment, you should water your lawn. This will ensure that you get full results from the fertilizers and pre-emergent weed control that was applied. If you would like to keep your lawn at its best, make sure you continue to water it on at least a weekly basis if we don’t receive adequate rainfall!

The great thing about rain is that it can only benefit treatments of pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer. However, if there is relentless downpour that leads to minimal flooding or pooling, some product may be swept away. Even in these cases, which are rare, another treatment is likely not needed, but do call us after about 10 days if you don’t see good results. After waiting 7 to 14 days, you can call Dr Tex Lawn & Pest if your weeds have still not died. Our team will quickly come out and provide post-emergent treatment or fertilizer if needed, completely free of charge!

Dr. Tex Lawn & Pest offers a variety of lawn care programs. Among them, our Choice 6-step program offers the most comprehensive lawn care support. In this program, we will come out every 4-6 weeks during growing season to ensure your turf gets the maximum amount of weed control, nutrients, and overall care. Similarly, our Best 8-step program offers the same type of care on a 6 week basis.

We are here to make the process as simple and convenient as possible. That is why we offer online bill paying through credit or debit cards. We also accept payment in person and with checks. For those that wish to set up regular payments, we offer automatic credit card payments online. If you have any further questions, feel free to call us about our billing services. You can also save 4% if you choose to prepay for your annual services in advance.

While pesticides will always pose some risk, the best way to ensure your family, children, and pets can enjoy your beautiful lawn is to have the professionals take care of it. When we treat your lawn, we make sure no risks are taken when it comes to pesticide concentration and storage. We make sure that treatment is diluted and applied as recommended, keeping your entire family and loved ones safe from harm. Our team uses these products on nearly a daily basis, giving us the insight and skill to ensure pesticides are handled correctly and minimal risk is taken.

In most cases, pets can return to your lawn as soon as the liquid treatment has dried. This can take around an hour, causing minimal disruption to your life. For dry fertilizer and spot treatments, you and your pets can even stay out on the lawn during application if you choose and if they don’t attack our guys!

No, Dr. Tex Lawn & Pest is a continuous service, so we’­ll continue to come out from season to season until you tell us otherwise. Your lawn has continual year-round needs, and many treatments need to be applied at specific times of the season to properly work. The first treatment in early spring especially needs to be applied on a timely basis, so we’­ll be out then to annually begin with this. You may stop service at any time, or even skip treatments if needed, but please call us to inform us of that. We will always send out annual renewals in late fall and again over the winter to let you know about the next year’s service, and will call you before that first treatment is done in the spring.

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