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Your lawn is a part of the living outdoor environment. Though most residential or commercial lawns are not necessarily naturally made, they are still part of an invaluable ecosystem. Like all other types of grass, landscape, shrubbery, or grassland, insects and bugs are simply just a part of balancing the natural ecology.

Most insects are beneficial to grass and can aid in the process of decomposition or serve as a valuable part of the food chain. In other instances however, insects can become pests that damage your lawn and prohibit healthy growth. When insects, bugs, or other pests become an issue, they can prevent your lawn from growing or could even cause lawn disease on your property. Furthermore, when colonies reach big enough sizes, they can begin to enter your home and create further damages.

Grubs are pests that can affect your lawn. Between the months of August and November, white grubs begin wreaking havoc in your yard. Turf-grass is especially in danger. As white grubs feed, they ruin plant roots. This causes the turf to wilt and die. Keep an eye out for patchy, wilting, or discolored turf that does not respond to watering, as this could be an early sign of white grub activity.

Later signs of grubs are turf that is dead or very thin. These areas could appear in small patches, no more than a few inches across, but they can grow to large areas that overtake sections of your lawn. Lastly, watch out for sod that you can easily pull up or becomes dislodged. If you look underneath, you may event find the white grubs underneath.

Not only do white grubs damage your lawn, their predators do too. Raccoons, skunks, and turkeys forage for white grubs. While searching, they may dig up patches and cause other damage. This is often the most obvious indication of a white grub infestation. Luckily, we have a solution for you.

While there are many grub killing products out there, we highly recommend coming to a professional. Grubs may be small, but they are no laughing matter. In order to get rid of them, you need knowledge and experience. Contact us today so we can help rid your lawn of pests for good!

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