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Rodent Control Program

Nearly any property can be affected by rats and mice. They can climb almost as well as they can run along the ground and because of this they can show up virtually anywhere.

As they say a good defense beats a good offense. We can help with that.

We have a step by step process to ensure that you have the best rodent control program in place for present and any potential rodents that may try to invade. These include:

1. First we examine the property and look for any signs of rodent activity. This may include droppings, urine stains, gnaw marks, as well as trails or tiny footprints.

2. Second we look for access points to your home or business and how they can get in. Things like trees or bushes touching the house can make climbing to your roof or eaves easier and these should be trimmed back. Also, holes in eaves or walls may be good access points for them. Holes around pipes or weep holes should be sealed with wire mesh or industrial sealant. If there are areas nearby with heavy grass or weeds, then these may need to be cleaned up or thinned out to help eliminate nesting areas.

3. Third and once we have determined what rodent or rodents we are dealing with and where they are, we can put together a plan to eliminate the rodents. Usually this is putting out sealed bait boxes with bait specifically appealing to rodents. These baits have rodenticides in them and once consumed by the rodent causes them to go look for water, which is normally away from any structures occupied by the public.

4. Fourth and finally we determine a schedule of how often to check for rodents. If there are heavy infestations we may need to check every week or every two weeks. Once under control though, we can move that schedule out to every month or even quarterly if the problem is under control.

Other Tips: Do not store food or trash outside in unsealed containers where rodents can either live or be attracted to. If you have wood or firewood on the property raise it up off the ground to discourage rodents from nesting there. Do not store cardboard or paper products outside for long periods of time, as they are a good food source as well as nesting areas. An overabundance of birdseed falling to the ground is a huge attractant to rodents and should be cleaned up regularly.

Rodent Bait Station Service

Rodents can also wreak havoc on your lawn and home. Bait stations entice rodents, such as mice and rats, to enter the dark, enclosed space where they feel protected. By using bait stations to attract unwanted rodents the accidental spillage of the bait is prevented, keeping your family and pets safe from exposure.

Remember, if you see a rat or mouse near your property there is usually more than one around. Note the following chart and you'll understand the importance of getting on top of a problem before it gets worse.

Whatever the situation we can handle it and teach you how to minimize the potential of having rodent problems on your property. Please give us a call or write and we can discuss what would be best for you and how to proceed.

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