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The common chinch bug (blissus leucopterus) is found nationwide, but normally at a rate of less than 10 to 15 bugs per square foot of lawn. In those numbers, they rarely cause problems because other insects, such as ants and ladybugs, feed on them and keep their population under control.

Extreme heat and drought conditions, however, can reduce the number of beneficial insects that prey on cinch bugs. When this happens, the population of cinch bugs can rapidly multiply to more than 100 per square foot of lawn. Soon after, the sings of chinch bug damage begin to appear: yellow patches that turn brown and then die.

The adult chinch bug is less than 1/4" long, often with a dark red to black body, white wings and a white dot on the back. They can be found in all types of turfgrass, however, they do the most damage to warm-season species, such as tall fescue, bermudagrass, bentgrass, zoysiagrass and Kentucky bluegrass. They destroy the grass by inserting their razor-sharp beaks into a blade of grass and then suck out the natural fluids, causing the grass to dehydrate and die.

Anytime you find yellow patches of grass that turns brown and then dies, especially in sunny spots during hot weather, most likely it is caused by chinch bug damage.

The healthier your lawn, the more beneficial insects it will contain. This in turn will make it much more difficult for chinch bugs to gain the upper hand on your lawn. Though you may be tempted to reach for off-the-shelf insecticides or other products, we encourage you to rely on professional help. Do not risk a major insect control job on your own. Though your intentions may be good, you could be purchasing a product that could be putting your lawn, your family, or your pets in serious danger. By working with Dr. Tex, we can utilize effective products that not only get rid of your insect problem, but do not harm people, pets, or the environment! Most importantly, we offer competitive prices that can suit any budget and comprehensive lawn control services to suit any need.

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