Fertilizers are crucial to the health and beauty of your lawn, as they provide the nutrients it needs to thrive. However, you'll want to follow an ideal fertilization schedule to ensure it receives that nourishment when it needs it. So, if your lawn is in Austin, TX, you'll want to apply two treatments in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each application builds off the last and maintains a consistent nutrient supply to your turf, aiding in healthy growth, verdancy, and resilience. That way, you can boast pristine, thriving grass year-round!

Apply two lawn fertilization treatments in the winter to strengthen its roots and aid in green-up.

If your lawn is in Austin, TX, you'll want to apply two fertilization treatments during the winter season. The first application should take place in the early winter to promote the development of stronger and deeper roots. You'll want to use a liquid fertilizer for this round to provide a quick release of nutrients. Then, you'll want to administer another liquid treatment in the late winter that's rich in nitrogen. This application will aid in green-up, giving your lawn a vibrant and rejuvenated appearance as spring arrives.

You'll want to apply two fertilizer treatments in the spring to promote healthy, verdant grass growth.

With the arrival of the new growing season in Austin, TX, you'll want to shift your focus to supporting your lawn's growth and vitality. So, it should receive two fertilizer treatments during the spring, with the first one being in the early spring. This application should be granular to provide a slow release of nutrients that continue to boost its green color, improve its density, and strengthen its root system.

You'll want to administer a round of liquid fertilizer during the late spring. This treatment further boosts the overall health and verdancy of your lawn, enhancing its resilience and appearance.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are three essential nutrients in fertilizers that your lawn needs to thrive.

Apply two summer fertilization treatments to help your lawn endure this hot season.

Summer is a stressful time for your lawn in Austin, TX, as it brings hot and dry conditions. Because of this, you'll want to apply a granular, slow-release fertilizer treatment in the early summer to avoid causing additional stress; this application will promote greener and lusher grass during the hot summer months. Then, you'll want to treat it again with a granular fertilizer in the late summer to replenish its nutrients and help it push through the season.

Fertilizing your lawn twice in the fall will help it recover from summer stress and prepare it for winter.

As summer transitions into fall here in Austin, TX, you'll want to apply a phosphorus-rich liquid fertilizer treatment in the early part of the season to help your lawn recover from any summer-related stress and rejuvenate its health. Meanwhile, the late fall application will focus on preparing it for the upcoming winter dormancy. This fertilizer treatment will benefit the roots of your grass, ensuring they receive the necessary nourishment to keep them strong.

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