While there's no magic trick to keep pests away from your home in Austin, TX, there are ways to discourage them from entering. Cleaning up any crumbs and spills right away is crucial because they leave an enticing food source for pests, so the last thing you want to do is let it sit out where they can access it. You should also put food in sealed containers rather than leaving it out in the open so that pests cannot reach them. Another effective way to reduce pest infestations inside your home is to seal off any entry points. The tiniest holes are enough for pests to utilize as a gateway into your indoor space, but filling those gaps will make it harder for them to enter. However, signing up for a professional perimeter pest control program is the most effective method of keeping your property free from creepy crawlers!

Clean up Any Crumbs & Spills Right Away to Deter Pests From Entering Your Home

The first method for preventing pests from infiltrating your home is to uphold a high standard of cleanliness. It is crucial to promptly clean up any food crumbs and spills, as these can attract pests to your living space. Additionally, leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight can serve as an open invitation for pests. It is important to wash dishes soon after use to prevent them from piling up and becoming a potential food source for unwanted visitors. Cleaning regularly is your first line of defense against pests, as it minimizes reasons for them to enter.

Regularly sweeping and mopping floors helps maintain a clean environment that pests aren't drawn to.

Seal Food in Containers to Prevent Pests From Accessing It

Food being stored away in home located in Austin, TX.

Food packaging alone isn't enough to deter pests from getting what they want, especially if the box or bag isn't tightly sealed. That's why you need to store food in tightly sealed containers to prevent pests from accessing that food supply. This goes for pet food, too! By doing this, you'll dissuade them from invading your inside space and instead search elsewhere for easier access to food.

Seal Entry Points to Keep Pests Outside Where They Belong

Crack near door in home near Austin, TX.

Cracks and crevices in windows, doors, and other parts of your home create entry points where pests can gain access to your indoor space. These pesky critters have tiny appendages that allow them to squeeze through even the smallest openings, which is why sealing these entry points is essential. It's best to seal gaps using caulking or weatherstripping to make them less likely to find another way back into your home.

Sign Up for a Perimeter Pest Control Program to Ensure Long-Term Protection

While cleaning your indoor space and ensuring there's nothing for pests to feed on are great ways to keep them outside, the only way to get long-term protection is to sign up for a perimeter pest control program! During this service, professionals will treat the exterior foundation of your home with highly effective insecticides to create a barrier that keeps creepy crawlies outside where they belong. Moreover, pros will return multiple times throughout the year to reapply treatments to provide consistent protection when you need it most. With this reliable pest control solution, you can rest assured knowing your property is safe from invasive pests year-round!

House pests typically found in Austin, TX, include wasps, spiders, pillbugs, and ants.

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