Want to keep your lawn in Texas looking healthy and beautiful this spring? Then, it's important to schedule a few spring lawn care treatments. These treatments will give your grass the nutrients it needs to thrive and keep those pesky weeds from taking over.

First, make sure you fertilize your lawn twice in the spring - once in the early part of the season and again later on. This will give your grass the essential nutrients it needs to thrive and look its best. And if any pesky weeds start to pop up, don't fret! Just apply some weed control as needed throughout the season. For an extra healthy lawn, use a fertilizer with natural ingredients.

Fertilizing your lawn twice during the spring will give it the nutrients it needs!

Healthy turf during springtime in Austin, TX.

The secret to a healthy and green lawn in the spring is to give it a little extra TLC in the form of fertilization. Here's how: start by applying fertilizer to your turf at the beginning of spring to help it recover from any winter damage and get that lush green look we all love. Then, once late spring arrives, you can give your lawn another application of fertilizer. This will provide your turf with ample nutrients to help support it through the hot summer months ahead.

Apply post-emergent weed control as needed throughout the spring season.

Weeds can be detrimental to the health and appearance of your lawn, so you need to stay vigilant against them throughout the spring season. The best way to deal with spring weeds is by applying post-emergent weed control. These treatments work by seeping into the soil and eliminating the existing growth. By applying these treatments as needed throughout the spring, you can maintain a weed-free lawn and allow it to flourish without competition for nutrients or space!

Fertilization and weed control treatments should always be paired together!

Your fertilizer treatments should contain iron, humic acid, and micronutrients.

If you want to keep your lawn looking healthy and gorgeous, you'll need to choose the right fertilizer treatment and apply it at the right time. A good fertilizer should have iron, humic acid, and micronutrients - all of which are super important for the healthy growth of your lawn. Iron is a vital micronutrient that not only gives your lawn a rich green color but also helps to strengthen the grass. It is recommended to apply a fertilizer that contains iron in early spring and late spring to promote the growth of healthy and strong grass.

Humic acid, on the other hand, is a natural compound that aids in the absorption of nutrients by the roots of your grass. It helps to improve the soil structure, allowing the grass to access the nutrients and water it needs to thrive. Humic acid fertilizer should be applied in the late spring.

Finally, micronutrients such as zinc, boron, and copper play a crucial role in the healthy growth of your lawn. They help to promote root growth, improve plant metabolism, and increase resistance to diseases and pests. Micronutrient fertilizer should be applied in the late spring season to help your lawn develop a deep root system, resist diseases and pests, and withstand environmental stressors such as drought and heat.

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