Lawn insects are a nuisance for you and your lawn alike, but none are quite as destructive as grubs. Grubs are infamous for munching right through the roots of your grass, making a feast out of your lawn. Unfortunately, grubs are common here in Texas, and if your grass lifts like a carpet, feels spongey when you walk on it, and you notice 10 or more of them in one spot on your lawn, you likely have an infestation on your hands. You should remedy this problem immediately by calling a professional to apply a curative treatment, which will eradicate the grub population on your lawn. The more aware you are of the tell-tale signs, the quicker you can react and get your lawn the help it needs.

Your Grass Lifts Like a Carpet When You Tug on It

A lawn with a grub infestation lifting like carpet in Austin, TX.

A tell-tale sign that your lawn has fallen victim to a grub infestation is your grass lifting like a carpet when you tug on it. Imagine your roots as the anchor for your turf - if you were to sever the anchor, it wouldn't have anything tethering it to the soil. Grubs feed on the roots of your grass, severing the system that tethers your turf to the soil. So, if you suspect you're dealing with a grub infestation, gently pull up on your grass, if it lifts right up, you're probably dealing with a grub infestation.

Your Lawn Feels Spongey When You Walk on It

Another tell-tale sign that grubs are munching on your lawn is if it feels spongey when you walk on it. As grubs feed on your turf's roots, it can weaken the connection between the root base and the grass - resulting in a spongey-feeling lawn. If you're sinking into the ground when you walk on your lawn, there's a good chance that grubs are the reason why.

There Are 10 or More Grubs in One Spot on Your Lawn

A group of grubs in the dirt in Austin, TX.

Grubs are virtually inevitable, but if there are only a few on your lawn it's not a big deal and they likely won't be able to cause much damage to it. If you suspect your lawn is infested with grubs, you can take a shovel and dig a small hole where you think the grubs may be. If you spot 10 or more grubs in that area, then you are dealing with a grub infestation.

Another indication of a grub infestation is an increased animal presence on your lawn, including raccoons, skunks, and birds.

What should you do if your lawn has fallen victim to a grub infestation?

A man spraying pest control formula to manage a grub infestation in Austin, TX.

Grubs will continue to munch on your lawn if left untreated, making it crucial to pay attention to the tell-tale signs of an infestation and remedy the problem immediately. Fortunately, professionals are here to save your lawn if it's fallen victim to these pesky insects! Once you call and schedule their grub control service, they'll apply an effective curative treatment that will eradicate the population on your lawn to prevent them from causing additional damage.

You should schedule lawn care services, such as fertilization, to help your turf get back on the road to good health once the grubs are gone.

Take action against a grub infestation by scheduling our grub control service!

Don't let grubs make a meal out of your lawn - take action against an infestation with our grub control service! We understand how damaging these pesky insects are to your turf, which is why we offer curative treatments to eliminate them. While this will prevent them from causing further damage, it can't undo the damage already inflicted. Fortunately, we also offer lawn care services to help get your turf back to good health, including fertilization treatments! Here at Dr. Tex Lawn & Pest, we'll give your lawn everything it needs to conquer a grub infestation and recover.

We offer our grub control service to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in and around Austin, TX, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville. Call us today at (512) 717-5071 to schedule our grub control service today.