For property owners in the Austin, TX, area, your grass needs various lawn care services in May and June, including fertilizer treatments to promote healthy, verdant growth. Other natural ingredients like humic acid, micronutrients, and iron are also necessary to keep your lawn green and beautiful. Additionally, post-emergent weed control is crucial to tackle any unwanted weed growth. By implementing these necessary lawn care services, you can ensure your turf thrives and remains vibrant throughout the growing season.

Your grass needs a fertilizer treatment in May and June to promote healthy, verdant growth.

One of the most important lawn care services your lawn in Austin, TX, needs in May and June is fertilization. This late spring application is vital to replenish its nutrients and build up its strength in preparation for the impending hot summer season. It will also promote healthy, verdant growth. You'll want to use a liquid fertilizer treatment during this time, as it's fast-release and will quickly begin nourishing your turf.

Give your lawn an extra boost in May and June with natural ingredients and micronutrients.

Applying natural ingredients, such as humic acid, micronutrients, and iron, to your lawn in Austin, TX, during May and June is of paramount importance. These elements play a crucial role in enhancing the health and vitality of your grass, ensuring it thrives during the warmer months. Humic acid aids in improving soil structure and health, nutrient absorption, and root development. It also increases moisture retention, meaning your lawn will stay hydrated for longer without as much watering.

In addition to humic acid, micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, copper, and iron are essential for maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn. By ensuring your turf receives an adequate supply of these micronutrients, you can support healthy growth and development, leading to increased vibrancy and resilience. Iron is particularly important, as it aids in chlorophyll production, promoting a deep green color in your grass.

You'll want to spot-check and use post-emergent weed control treatments as needed in May and June.

Eliminating weeds is another essential aspect of maintaining a pristine, healthy lawn. In May and June, it’s crucial to spot-check your turf in Austin, TX, for weeds and use post-emergent weed control treatments to eradicate them. Not only do weeds drag down its curb appeal but steal essential resources for themselves, such as nutrients, water, space, and sunlight. By promptly identifying and addressing weeds as they emerge, you can prevent them from spreading and causing further damage. This proactive approach helps maintain the health and integrity of your lawn, especially as it prepares to enter the stressful summer season.

You'll want to keep a watchful eye out for signs of lawn diseases and insect infestations on your turf in May and June.

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With our team at Dr. Tex Lawn & Pest, enhancing the curb appeal and vitality of your lawn has never been easier! With our 8-step fertilization program, your grass will receive the nutrients it needs to thrive, plus other natural ingredients, including humic acid, micronutrients, and iron. But that's not all – our program goes beyond fertilization. We also provide pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to ensure it remains free of nutrient-stealing weeds. Additionally, our vigilant team will monitor your lawn year-round for any signs of fungal diseases or insect infestations, applying treatments as needed to stop these problems from spreading. Whether you have a residential or commercial property or HOA in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, or a nearby community in Texas, we are here for you. Call us at (512) 717-5071 to sign up for our comprehensive fertilization program today!